kubefirst 2.2 - GitOps Made Easy with the New Apps Catalog

kubefirst 2.2 is out: you now have access to a GitOps catalog which lets you install apps by adding YAML files to your gitops repo (respecting the GitOps principles) for Argo CD to sync on.

kubefirst 2.2 - GitOps Made Easy with the New Apps Catalog

It started as an internal hackathon idea, we teased you about it in past livestreams, and it’s finally here: kubefirst now has a GitOps Catalog. Faithful to our goal to make Kubernetes adoption, and usage easier, this new catalog will make your life even better when it comes to adding new applications or tooling to your cluster while respecting the GitOps principles.

If you’re just joining us, kubefirst provides fully automated open source application delivery and infrastructure management GitOps platforms delivering the best cloud native tools with a single command.

GitOps Catalog, new apps are now one click away

As much work as we put into ensuring you have a production-ready Kubernetes cluster with the best in-class cloud native tools, and applications out there, we don’t want to make your new cluster bloated. We also understand that the choices we made are opinionated and may not be the applications you choose. In the end, you will certainly need to run other common applications or add new lifesaving tools to your cluster. Of course, you could install them using Helm, or add them directly within the Argo CD UI or their CLI, but those, as effective as they are, aren’t the GitOps way!

We understand, it can be cumbersome to create the right Kubernetes Application CRD (Custom Resource Definitions). We got your back as from now on, you have access to the GitOps Catalog in the Services’ page on the console app, only if you install kubefirst with the new UI added in 2.1. You can now install, with a single click, new applications to your cluster. The magic behind: it’s all connected to your gitops repository, your source of truth. The console app will add the proper files in your repository, already configured to properly work within your kubefirst ecosystem, and Argo CD will do the rest. The process is similar to the one that would happen if you manually created the YAML file. Since it’s added to your gitops repository, you are free to create pull requests for any configuration changes on the newly added apps.

We were so excited to release this new feature that we decided to launch with an initial catalog which contains a small number of applications. Keep in mind that it’s only the beginning, as we’ll add more soon, but here’s the starting lineup:

If you want to add an application or tool to the catalog, the process is pretty simple, and described in our documentation. If you need help with the process, or just want to suggest an application that should be in the catalog, you can let us know by reaching out on our Slack community, and we’ll help you, or add it ourselves.

As always, we are looking forward to hearing about your experience with this new release which includes some bug fixes and improved stability.