Kubeshop Acquires Kubefirst GitOps Infrastructure & App Delivery Platform

Kubefirst, an open-source, gitops-driven, Kubernetes-centric infrastructure and application delivery ecosystem is acquired by the Kubernetes open-source accelerator Kubeshop.

Kubeshop Acquires Kubefirst GitOps Infrastructure & App Delivery Platform

The Story of Kubefirst

In 2017, John Dietz and Jared Edwards met while working together on a cloud engineering team at a real estate big data startup. They were tasked with building an infrastructure management platform and application delivery system built entirely on Kubernetes.

Building their first Kubernetes platform together took the better part of a year, and eventually John and Jared moved on to do the same thing for other companies looking to adopt cloud native. Despite their experience building infrastructure and deployment platforms, they were surprised to discover that it consistently took many months to build a great Kubernetes platform from scratch - even when you know what you’re doing.

Frustrated by the time consuming process, John and Jared began working together during nights and weekends to create an open-source solution to automate the process of platform provisioning, and the Kubefirst project was born.

Fast forward to 2022, and in 30 minutes or less, Kubefirst will automatically deliver a carefully selected set of cloud native technologies, built to help engineers more easily manage Kubernetes. All infrastructure is built with Terraform that’s automated with Atlantis, and application updates are managed by Argo CD GitOps. It is the most declarative and transparent approach to managing Kubernetes to date. The Kubefirst project uses some of those most popular, well-documented, and widely loved Kubernetes technologies, all configured to work with each other with engineers in mind, and it’s extensible to any additional tools that you want to add.

Kubefirst Joins Kubeshop

Kubeshop has expanded its suite of products by acquiring Kubefirst and John and Jared are now working full-time for Kubeshop on their passion project. They’ve hired a team of engineers to accelerate development and begin to tackle some major new components and integrations. In this new relationship with Kubeshop, Kubefirst will have access to the people, funding, and expertise that’s needed to build a community of users and contributors and will have the resources needed to support organizations that adopt the open source platform.

Kubefirst already has a growing network of companies that use it, including a pilot at an enterprise company that’s been on the platform since 2020. The open source platform was also accepted to the CNCF landscape in late 2021.

With the support of Kubeshop, we’re excited to see what is in store. Check it out and star the kubefirst project on Github, join the community Slack, and follow the Kubeshop blog for updates.

We are excited to share Kubefirst with the world and help you fast forward your cloud native journey!

Kubefirst User Story

"Kubefirst has been a game changer for my team at Virtru. By adopting the Kubefirst GitOps platform, Virtru has been able to reduce operational costs, improve overall platform security, and most importantly reduce time to market - releasing our first product to the Google Cloud Platform marketplace within weeks."

- Dana Morris, SVP, Product and Engineering at Virtru