Welcome Fred, our new Developer Advocate

Frédéric Harper introduces himself as the new Kubefirst Principal Developer Advocate

Welcome Fred, our new Developer Advocate

Hello lovely people!

I'm Fred, Principal Developer Advocate at Kubefirst. Today is day two in my new role, and there is nothing more important to me than introducing myself to our community. If you are not familiar with my title, don't worry: my job is to help you being successful with Kubefirst. This means listening to you, and bringing your feedback to the product team. It also means creating fun, inspirational and educational content (i.e., documentation, tutorials, blog articles, videos) to ensure you get the best out of Kubefirst, but also the Kubernetes ecosystem overall. Lastly, I'm here to foster and grow a healthy open source community around Kubefirst. Think of me as the friendly social technical approachable face of the company!

I've been in the tech industry for a little more than 20 years now (yes, I'm old). The first ten, as a developer building all sorts of applications with way too many technologies. The last ten years have been all about devrel. Before Kubefirst, I worked at companies like npm, Microsoft (my focus was open source, open data and interoperability), Mozilla, Fitbit and DigitalOcean. It's a real pleasure to be back in the cloud and Kubernetes ecosystem. I'm also beyond excited to go back to my roots, open source. I think it goes without saying that I'm really pumped to tackle the challenges of cloud infrastructure management and software delivery with you.

With that said, I already (I know, I know) have two requests for you:

  1. If you tried or are using Kubefirst, I want your feedback. I want the real deal: be as gentle or brutal as it needs to be! I'm proud of the work the team did, and we are working hard to continue to improve the product, and your help is instrumental to [y]our success.
  2. What content is missing or can be improved? Anything that would help you get started with Kubefirst, or make your experience even better. Knowing that will help me prioritize and focus on what YOU need.

Lastly, I want to connect with you! The best place to get in touch with me is in our Slack community, my handle being @fred. I also spend way too much time on Twitter, and would also be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to meet you all!