Kubefirst and Civo Join Forces

I'm excited to share that Kubefirst has been acquired and will be joining the Civo family in our shared mission to simplify cloud computing complexities.

Kubefirst and Civo Join Forces
image of the kubefirst logo, a heart, and the civo logo to celebrate our acquisition

I'm excited to share that Kubefirst has been acquired and will be joining the Civo family in our shared mission to simplify cloud computing complexities. This acquisition will bring together two incredible engineering forces, fostering innovation and collaboration in cloud computing and the platform engineering space. Our partnership will strengthen our team and operational posture so we can meet the needs of our growing community, client base, and technology partners.

Why Civo?

We first learned of Civo during our first ever KubeCon attendance in Detroit in the Fall of 2022. We were busy pitching our mission to simplify cloud native platforms while they were busy pitching their mission of simplifying the cloud altogether. We tried their cloud when we got home and were very impressed with their 2 minute Kubernetes clusters. They have an incredible cloud environment that shines particularly bright when Kubernetes is central to your architecture. We introduced our 2.0 architecture in order to support multiple clouds and Civo was the first cloud that we added.

The Rise of the Cloud Native Cloud
With fewer resources to manage than the cloud pioneers can offer, you get into that new cluster much faster.

Since then we've formed an incredible engineering relationship with the team at Civo. They've blown us away over the years with their vision and genuine interest in our product and mission. They've also been deeply committed to producing a top tier cloud experience, and internally the Civo cloud has become our favorite engineering space to iterate within for over a year now.

With the acquisition our two teams will fall into even tighter alignment, and we're so excited for the opportunity to work with the awesome engineers at Civo on some of the biggest problems in the cloud computing space.

Cloud Agnostic, Open Source, Unchanged

Kubefirst will be a separate entity from Civo. While there will be noticeably strengthened opportunity for our teams to collaborate, Civo CEO Mark Boost has encouraged us to keep to our cloud agnostic DNA and continue to foster our open source platform initiatives.

This is the best news for our community, technology partners, and cloud partners and we're very proud that our commitment on this front has been strengthened through this acquisition. It wasn't even a negotiation point; Civo is cut from the same cloth and believes in the same fair and open future that we do. Under our new ownership, Kubefirst will be able to ensure that your Kubernetes platforms work frictionlessly and portably no matter which cloud you run your workloads in.

Our upcoming commercial goals will remain tied to the exceptional user interface that we're building for your instant self hosted platform. As planed before the acquisition, physical cluster management will be our first paid feature after over 4 years of free open source commitment to the kubefirst platform. We thank you in advance for those of you that will use our pro tier once it's available, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Want to Check In?

If you want to talk about this change I'd love to chat with you. From the inside, this shift is wins across the board, and we've done very well to put your needs first through the journey of finding our next home. Maybe you're not nervous at all and you just want to say congrats; I'd really love that too, we should definitely do it. Use this link to book 30 minutes with me any time for anything you need.

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